Voice in my mind

These are the lyrics from a song I wrote yesterday, maybe I’m also going to make a video of me playing and singing the song, but for now it are only the lyrics. The song is about a depression I had a year ago. It’s like my autobiografie in a song… I hope you like it. Here are the lyrics:

(couplet 1:)

‘Good morning’ was the first lie I told today

Cause my morning wasn’t good anyway

And when you asked ‘Are you okay?’

‘I’m fine’ I said


I hear the voice in my mind

Yelling at me:


You will never win this struggle

You will never win this fight

And death

is the only way to make things


(couplet 2:)

The time passsed by, the days moved on

But the more I lived, the more I knew my life was gone

The world was cold so I warmed myself

with death




I hear you saying:

‘Look up to the sky and see

the stars are shining bright

there will never be darkness

if there’s a light’




So burn your candle

let it shine bright


there will never be darkness

if there’s a light


Over Ces

Mijn blog is bedoeld om mijn gedichtjes en verhalen te delen, te spreken over geloof en welke andere onderwerpen ik dan ook maar wil bespreken. Veel leesplezier.
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3 reacties op Voice in my mind

  1. I think what you’re doing here is pretty good. But there is a few problems with your argument and I think you should probably rethink it.

  2. Fieke zegt:

    Dit is enórm goed.. Ik ben er echt stil van, wauw!

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