This is my prayer

to a God I don’t believe in

This is my cry

to a savior that didn’t save me

My cry

because I need your



There’s a monster

inside me

It holds my breath

till death

comes and take me


something inside me wants to


alive and live

But I am already death


If I would die now,

Would heaven let me in?

If I would die now,

Where would I end?


Take me home, Lord!


Deep in the inside

I know you are there…


Take me away

far away from here




This poem is a prayer from the depst of my depression. I don’t feel like this anymore, but I still need to write about it. It helps me.

I wrote this yesterday. It’s a prayer, or a cry, to God that he would save me from death…

He did! 😀 I really love Him!


Over Ces

Mijn blog is bedoeld om mijn gedichtjes en verhalen te delen, te spreken over geloof en welke andere onderwerpen ik dan ook maar wil bespreken. Veel leesplezier.
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