I pick up the pieces
nothing can heal me

Glue them together
You still can see
the cracks

The scars
They will never heal
Broken forever

Pick up the pieces
Glue them together
And just try to live…


Over Ces

Mijn blog is bedoeld om mijn gedichtjes en verhalen te delen, te spreken over geloof en welke andere onderwerpen ik dan ook maar wil bespreken. Veel leesplezier.
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3 reacties op Pieces

  1. Ray zegt:

    I like the flow of this poem, but I have to disagree… YOU can fix YOU… (and only YOU can….) Easier said than done, but I do truly believe that.

    • cesjespoezie zegt:

      I think I can fix it and the scars are healed for a big part, but I still don’t think they will ever be healed totally and it will stay with me forever… I can live with it and it made me stronger… I can let it go, but at the same time it will stay with me forever… I don’t think it will ever leave…
      I don’t regret anything I’ve done… I’ve made a lot of faults, but I without I wouldn’t ever learn how to live and I would never become the person I am now… I think God used it to make me how He meant me to be…

      I wrote this when I felt back at my depression and I needed to write so I could handle my feelings…
      (my English isn’t really good…)

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