Public speaking

Yesterday I saw this on Pooky’s Poems:

I wrote a poem about something that scares me: public talking.


Public Speaking

People watch me, they listen and I
Can’t barely speak
I hear my own voice coming from the speakers and the
Sweat is dripping from my forehead
The mike I hold in my hands seems to be the most scary monster I’ve ever seen

It isn’t always that scary
When I sing, I don’t feel the fear I feel now
On moments like that
The mike is my best friend, I just forget my fear and sing like I’m alone
Don’t care
About the other people listening

But now
people are watching and I have to speak into the mike
the words I wrote, my poems…

I want this to end…
why can’t I just say what I want to say
just speak out the words I want to let the world hear
just be my voice, like
when I sing
cause then I don’t have any problems
with letting the world hear
the words

I don’t understand why I’m so scared
I mean
What is the worst thing that can happen?
Is there anything worse than standing there and can’t barely say
the words,
can’t barely speak?

There are so many voices that
Want to be heard
But never spoke a word
Just because they’re

I don’t want to be one of these voices
Standing on stage and just
Be silent
Instead of saying
What I need to say

I don’t have to stand on stage
Even just when people ask me something
I just can’t
Give them an answer even when I got tons
Of things to say
I can’t


Over Ces

Mijn blog is bedoeld om mijn gedichtjes en verhalen te delen, te spreken over geloof en welke andere onderwerpen ik dan ook maar wil bespreken. Veel leesplezier.
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