My favorite poets (English)

Hi! I haven’t wrote English posts for a very long time and some of my followers aren’t Dutch, so I wanted to write a new English post. I haven’t wrote English poems and I also haven’t translated one of my Dutch ones, but I want to show you some poets whose poems I really like. The most of them aren’t really famous. I just found them on the internet and thought they were pretty good in writing English poems. My English isn’t very good so it’s not very easy for me to write in this language, but I’m becoming better in it. Afbeelding

Here are some of my favorite poets:

I was going through an old CD of Word files and found this poem I wrote back in 1992 for a Creative Writing class I took at the Univ. of Maryland:


She makes me feel exuberant,
like something I’ve accomplished.
She gives to me what I can’t give myself,
A feeling of importance……

Her tan firm body calls out to me,
alone in a room, a hallway, or field.
Able to make me hear myself,
a style she has given to me….

Through time and patience, we’ve made quite a team.
She’s easy to listen to, someone just right for me.
Her moods sway, more my doing than hers,
Her sharpness resounds, a quality adored….

Her body conforms to me,
her breathing’s unique.
Holding her gently,
I want to hear her speak…..

by: R. Flanagan

**The poem is about a guitar I owned… it was a “Jasmine” brand acoustic guitar…. go back now and read the poem knowing this now…**

The poem “Jasmine” is absolutly my favorite poem that Ray has wrote. When you read it without knowing it’s about a guitar, it looks like a super sweet love poem, but then you read it’s about a guitar. I play music myself: I sing, play the piano and a little bit guitar and I really understand why Ray loves “Jasmine” so much. The feeling he discribes in the poem is the same feeling as the feeling I have when I play a song on my piano and it sounds good.



What hope is there

In hidden thoughts

Unwritten words

And imprisoned dreams

What beauty in a seed

Which was never allowed to flower

A deed that could save a soul

Was never done


I wipe the dust from my dreams

Arise, my soul

Arise and be all that you dreamed

All that you dreamed

I don’t know which of Julickes poems I like most, but this one is pretty good. Julicke is a 18 years old girl from the Netherlands and writes very good English poems. She also write the lyrics for the band Herald. ( She is also one of the singers in this band. There is one line in this poem that really appeals to me and that is the line “I wipe the dust of my dreams”. I love the metaphor she use here so much. I think I sometimes have to wipe the dust of my dreams.

The last time I listened very much to Spoken word poetry. It’s such a beautiful type of poetry and it is so straight from the heart. It’s also really strong and can hit the hearts of many people, even people who aren’t intrested in poetry at all. I think. Sarah Kay writes really good poems.

I don’t know other poems of Mike Young, but I really love this one. I think the first part of the is a little gushy, but the part from the point he says “I do” is really good and absolutly the truth. This is something many people need to hear.

Another Christian Spoken poem I really love is ‘Jesus is loving Barabbas’ ( Actually I don’t know if I may call this a Spoken word poem, but I think it is. The poem is wrote by Judah Smith.


Over Ces

Mijn blog is bedoeld om mijn gedichtjes en verhalen te delen, te spreken over geloof en welke andere onderwerpen ik dan ook maar wil bespreken. Veel leesplezier.
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2 reacties op My favorite poets (English)

  1. thatfullmoonguy zegt:

    Mooi! Als ik tenminste in het Nederlands mag reageren… Leuk, zo’n logje. Ik ben altijd benieuwd naar wat andere mensen, andere dichters mooi vinden. De gesproken gedichten zal ik nog opzoeken, da’s beloofd, maar alvast over die eerste twee.
    De eerste vind ik mooi, ik dacht eerst dat het over een typemachine of laptop ging 🙂 Nadat ik begreep dat het niet om een mens ging. De tweede vind ik geweldig. Wat veel gezegd in zo weinig woorden hè, en dan ook nog in het Engels!
    Ik kan er ook wel wat jaloers op zijn, ook om haar leeftijd, ja… Pfff, die vriendin van me die op haar 15e al zulke briljante gedichten schreef… Maar ja we zijn allemaal anders.
    Over dat afstoffen, ja soms moet je even bezinnen he en je richting opnieuw bepalen…

  2. Ray zegt:

    Thank you so much for the repost! Jasmine was one of my favorite guitars to play. I now have an Ibanez acoustic I play every day. 🙂

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